Business Services

Business Consulting :

We will explain to you the ins and out of starting Your business, what licenses you will need to apply for and with whom to apply for them. We will also assist you with most paper work, or we can do everything for you…and all you do is sign on the DOTTED LINE,

 Foster Care / Adoption Services:

We will assists you with qualifying for placement, filling out the appropriate paperwork, home study’s, visitation, rate certification assistance.

Mobile Notary :

I am a 24 hour Notary / Loan Signing Agent , I cover the Los Angeles and Orange County areas . I also offer PROFESSIONAL courier services for your important documents.

501 (c) Exemption Status: 

We will  help you became a NON PROFIT 501(c ) entity…  Your tax-exempt status increases your opportunity to receive numerous public and private grants, along with donations from individuals because contributions are tax-deductible to donors. We do the entire process for you all you do is Sign on the DOTTED LINE. 

Do you need help getting starting with your 501c3, Charter or Bylaws and you are a new or established church or a  new or established charitable organization.  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Our experienced charitable non profit trained professionals will be with you throughout the journey to ensure that your dream becomes a reality.

Obtaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS is beneficial for 

THREE principal reasons.

· Donors can make charitable contributions and receive a tax deduction. Most often donors will refuse to offer funding if they will not receive a tax deduction. Your tax-exempt status increases your opportunity to receive numerous public and private grants, along with donations from individuals because contributions are tax-deductible to donors.  

·  Tax deductions inevitably encourage more individuals, corporations, and foundations to donate to your charitable cause, allowing your nonprofit tax-exempt organization to expand and further develop your activities. A number of corporations and foundations are typically required by their operating rules to only donate their funds to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, so obtaining tax-exempt status is key to receiving donations. 

· Once your 501(c)(3) application is approved by the IRS, your tax-exempt nonprofit organization enjoys several federal, state, and local income, property, sales, and other tax exemptions.  

·  Additionally, tax-exempt status opens doors to low-cost mailing, advertising, and purchasing rates, along with other discounts and preferences. 


Why Choose Us For Your Total 501c3 Needs?

We know first hand how tedious and frustrating the process can be.  When going through the 501 c3 process our desire is to be a blessing to others and make the process better for those in need.  We also understand that some organizations seeking 501c3 status have limited funding to pay for these costly services, and we recognize the need you have to find the highest quality of work within your current budget. In reference to all of our other services, our 501c3 service is economical however, you will also experience professionalism and a dedication to customer service from a company that wants to earn your trust and continue to work with you after the 501c3 status is received. So don’t miss out on your blessing, let us help you with this 501c3 process and enjoy the experience of why we are the best choice to help you.  

Available Payment Plan

Package complete within 14 to 21 business days

Get Started Today With a Low Down Payment of:  $150.00

Experienced and Caring Team of Professionals

(((We Do ALL The Work for you)))

We e-mail you each Questionnaire as an MS Word documents. After saving the document, you type the answers right on the document and send us a reply e-mail, attaching the document to it. Email info to DOTTEDLINESTAXPREP.COM

From the time we receive your completed Questionnaires, IF NOTHING ELSE IS NEEDED we guarantee to e-mail you your documents within business days. The 7-14 business days excludes weekends, U.S. national holidays. (Assuming you get the Questionnaire right back to us). 

·We prepare and send you the 501(c) (3) tax exempt application (Form 1023) for date and signature to the address given. Using our instructions, you prepare any attachments and attach them to the Form 1023 and include a copy of your Articles and Bylaws and your check for the IRS User Fee. You would make additional copies for your own records. If bylaws and charters are prepared we put on a CD and mail along w/501 c3 papers 

B.Our package price includes CD with Church or Organization Charter and Bylaws for future copies and updates if needed or when needed.  Along with original copy of 501c3 papers mailed. 

If you do not need the entire package and your project is for us to help you with a Charter only or Bylaws only or 501c3 only, you will still receive this information on CD and original copy of 501c3 mailed.  Prices differ depending on the type of  needs 

*Also included in package will be detailed information of what you need to do next.*

Most often, when you send in your application to the IRS, that is the end of the process for you.  Upon receipt of the completed application and attachments the Internal Revenue Service will send you a Letter of Acknowledgment of your request and assign a document locator number. Technically they have up to 120 days to respond.  Then you wait until you receive your determination letter recognizing your tax-exempt status.  


What happens next?

After the technical review, which can take up to 4 months, you will receive a “determination letter” (this is your 501(c) (3) status) direct from the Director of Exempt Organizations. This letter will state that you are exempt from federal income taxes under section 501(c) (3). Churches receive Definitive Rulings under section 170(b) (1) (A) (I) 

Note! The IRS does not give 501(c) (3) identification numbers. This exemption will be retro active to the date of incorporation, which means any contributions you receive since you have been incorporated will be fully tax deductible. Your letter is important as it shows to your grantors and contributors and the public that you are indeed a 501(c) (3) organization. The letter will also spell out restrictions and conditions that apply if you are to remain tax-exempt under sec. 501(c) (3). Moreover, the letter will address your Information and Annual Reporting Requirements to IRS.